If you run your own business and your goal is to improve business growth and increase revenues, we can help you with our wide-ranging experience. We are a team of two talented, dedicated entrepreneurs, our passion is to help small businesses, supporting business growth. We help you develop realistic, effective strategies and business models. Our ambition is to support small and mid-size businesses, helping them keep up with industry-leading, established companies and probably even outpace large businesses. We will help you develop entrepreneurial mindset, detect opportunities, pinpoint issues and tackle challenges.

Our experienced business consultants, Mr. Taimoor Raza and Mr. Ahmad Hassan offer effective support, closely monitoring the demands of your market as well as every area of your business, plus, we offer competitor analysis and consumer profiling.

We can find the strengths and weaknesses of your business, pinpointing details that you can improve.

We offer tangible, metrics-based analysis of your business. We work with you and your staff to see how you deal with your business tasks, and help you improve these methods and processes.

We offer complex business analysis consulting services, we can spot the smallest problem and offer solutions to them, improving your productivity and promoting growth for the future.

Once we show you our solutions, you may need to change your already set routine, probably implement a new technology or a change in your business processes – but the efforts you need to make will be rewarded with success.

We will follow up your data and check their quality, addressing issues effectively, analyzing data extracts and implementing a new strategy on data management, filtering your data, based on accuracy and relevance.



Our Services

We offer marketing consultancy services, data collection, human resources management and financial services. We provide complex business development strategies.

We help you improve your abilities to deliver projects fast.

We help you create product strategies, from portfolios to product development.

We will improve your marketing strategy, marketing operations, and business promotion, conducting market research, analyzing customer and product profitability. We help you with brand marketing as well as direct and digital marketing strategies.

We help with customer relationship management and value-based customer segmentation.

We help you with pricing, following up pricing dynamics within the industry and analyzing prices.

We offer search engine optimization services, such as business analysis in terms of SEO; analyzing your website and search engine optimizing its contents; we also offer basic IT support.

We help with sales and project management such as resource prioritization, analyzing and improving your business performance.


The Competitive Edge: Affordable Consultancy for Small Businesses

The Competitive Edge is our consultant service business, designed and created specifically to help small and mid-size businesses for affordable prices.

We offer flexible support strategy and business advice, tailored to your individual needs. We take the time and effort to learn about your business, industry, competitors, and consumers, and make implementations accordingly. We have long, close partnership with several small businesses, and we had helped dozens of small businesses for the last four years.

Strategies for Growth

Our team of business consultants offers support for business strategies, helping you realize all your goals.

Marketing Support

We are a business consultant agency based in South London, we have been in the industry for more than four years, helping small and mid-size businesses with plausible goals and effective strategies. We work with you and your staff on performance improvement.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you grow your business, improve performance, and increase revenues, email –